Easter or Resurrection Sunday?

I once again feel like I’m standing alone on something, but here it is. I love my Lord and I know that Easter is really all about His resurrection, but I just can’t get into this latest trend of calling what I have known all my life as Easter, “Resurrection Sunday.”

Why? Not sure. Well, yes, I am sure from one aspect. When I think of the word “Easter,” I see pastels — pink and yellow and light blue and green and white — happy, soft, cheerful colors, all representing to me the love of my Lord. Yes, I also see Easter bunnies and baskets and colored eggs. I know they are supposedly pagan in origin, but that doesn’t bother me. I also see a cross rising on the hill with a background of a beautiful sunrise. I see them all as representing life. And my Lord is Life. So for me, that is not a conflict.

Unfortunately, the word “Resurrection” just doesn’t bring forth the same images. It brings forth the solemnity of what He did, so probably I am sounding sacrilegious to say this, but there is a subtlety of joy He gives that is absent and that I miss.

However, I think more than all of this is the in-my-face awareness of the Christian community’s pandering once more time to the world, even in their “fighting” back against the secularization of the event. Yes, to the world, it is Easter bunnies and Easter egg hunts, but that doesn’t bother me. It bothers me that I am letting the world once again rob me of something precious; the whole ambiance of what the word “Easter” represents.

So…….friends, you are free to change it all to Resurrection Sunday. But I still see My Lord Jesus as having come forth out of that tomb early on Easter morning, with the beauty of the early dawn and mists, clearing up into a beautiful clear spring day, full of promise and hope and the Life He gives.

Thank you, Lord Jesus, for Easter morning and the empty tomb. And all you accomplished on the cross for me.

True Christianity vs New Age

Please NOTE:  In my blogs, when I use the word “Lord,” I am meaning Jesus.

We must be careful to not let church attendance and involvement interfere with our relationship with the Lord. I think for many it has become a substitute.

This was never meant to be.

I say we have substituted church attendance for taking time to know Jesus and letting Him change our lives. Which means yielding to Him. “No thank, you, I will hang on to my Self and who I am. ” And this is the lure of New Age. Self. Worship of Self.

Every day I see friends leaving Christianity because they feel like it let them down. The reality is that the “church” they were a part of and the people in it let them down. But because the way they lived out their Christianity was by attending church (and maybe even being more involved) , they did not realize they had substituted their church for the Lord. So as long as they went to church, they expected the Lord to take of them and meet all their needs. And so, they were hurt, let down, disappointed, and eventually turned their back “on the Lord,” not realizing their real Lord was the church. They never knew Jesus.

And often these now-professed non-believers turn to and embrace New Age gurus and concepts. Why? Because they are hungering for the depth of spirituality that they did not find in the “church.” The tragedy is that true Christianity offers everything the New Age movement does. We have lost the spirituality of it and substituted church attendance (and “fellowship”).

You can read ANY guru’s postings and 99% of what is written is true Christianity. (See link below, beginning at paragraph 4.) The last 1% leaves Jesus out and puts one’s Self in. And therein lies the deception. We are a New Creation, hidden in Him, and it is He that lives in us, to do all the changing that New Age says we can do for ourselves. We can’t.



Please be assured that I am not espousing that we litter and dump millions of gallons of industrial waste into our rivers and streams. That is common sense. I AM examining just how far we take common courtesy (and sense) and calling “going green” a Christian responsibility.

Originally posted on Random Thoughts:

I recently asked a question about the scriptural basis used by many calling for a Christian’s responsibility to the environment. A friend of mine responded to this question. One comment he made was:  “Whatever I call mine is from Him and first belongs to Him. At the Bema seat of judgment for believers, our stewardship of all that He entrusted to me will be examined.”

I have decided to publish my response to him as an open letter in hopes that those believers who accept “going green” as something our Lord desires of them will re-consider their convictions on this issue.

Please NOTE:  I have made some minor editorial tweaks for the sake of clarity and anonymity. Please also note that I have read countless scriptures used by believers to warrant their concept of being stewards of our earth. I feel every scripture shared with me is taken out of context and…

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Ah…the tragedy of fear. It enslaves.

Choices We Make

Each day each one of us makes choices. We choose how we are going to live and what we are going to do and be.

We choose whether to be kind or mean. We choose whether to let life’s blows (or blessings) rule and imprison us, or whether to rise above the circumstances. We choose whether to be mindless and follow what everyone else is doing or to think for ourselves and often end up going against the tide of the masses.

(Ironically, in today’s culture, when we “go against the norm,” we are actually still mindlessly following those who “go against the norm.” “Going against” became the norm in the 70’s. “Alternative” has simply become another norm and we are no different from those we so harshly criticize.)

We choose whether to let technology do our thinking for us or to use our own brains, exercising them to keep them alive and active. We choose whether to be a giver or a taker. We choose whether to stay the way we are or to change doing the things we do, often only one little thing at a time.

I used to be chronically late…late for virtually everything. Not much. Maybe only 10 minutes. But late nevertheless. One day a real friend let me know that I would lose my job if I did not make a change in this pattern of my life. So I chose. I chose to be at work 15 minutes early every day. This meant setting my alarm 30 minutes earlier than usual. And it meant getting up when it went off. But I chose to do this, no matter how tired I was.

I was successful in this one endeavor of getting to work early, and began to apply the same principle to other events. This has proven to be of great value to me in life. (Incidentally, in doing this, I came to see that this one “small” area of my life was actually huge, with far-reaching ramifications. I saw being chronically late was just one outwardly visible sign of my being totally selfish, self-seeking, and discourteous to everyone else I was interacting with. No “small” thing after all.)

We can remain the same that we are, often lonely, friendless, and living meaningless lives; or we can choose to seek out ways to better ourselves and begin the journey of living a life of change and growth, learning to put others first, and learning to seek out ways to be of a real benefit to others.

Are Meds Really the Answer (or Maybe the Problem)?

My observation as both a participant in severe depression at times and as an onlooker into the lives of loved ones has convinced me that we are too quick to categorize behavior that really was considered normal 50 years ago. We all have moods, mood swings, and ups and downs, but today’s billion dollar medical industry needs to keep us convinced there is something wrong with us and we buy (literally) right in to it. It’s like we are not allowed to experience grief or any other number of emotions that once were considered normal and something to be weathered through. Nor are we willing to standby and help one another through these times.

Two excellent books for those interested in the medical profession’s approach to mental conditions are “Medication Madness” by Peter Breggin, M.D.(a licensed psychiatrist) and “Psychiatry, the Ultimate Betrayal” by Bruce Wiseman. Though Wiseman is a layman, the book is incredibly researched and documented with an exhaustive reference section in the back o footnotes in the book.

More and more research questions the “good” meds do as opposed to the horror stories linked to them.


The Fires of Purification

A young woman I am very close to has recently been laid off unjustly from a career job and I am really struggling with this. She recently got her masters in her field and was on track for a reliable way to support herself and take care of herself, which, being single, she needs to be able to do.

She simply made a clerical error which her boss incorrectly thought was grounds for termination. Later it turns out that it was not, but by then the damage was done and the large corp was not about to do an aboutface and correct an injustice done on their part. Her supervisor, a young, insecure woman, has tunnel vision and will not admit her own malfeasance in this awful situation.

I am really struggling with this. And, as much as I am going through, I know it isn’t a fraction of what my friend is having to deal with. The real bottom line here which we both are having to remember is God’s faithfulness to her. She is a believer and has a mental grasp of trusting Him for all her provision, but she has never had to go through anything like this. After a month of interviews she still has no job and is not eligible for unemployment due to a lie being perpetrated by her former supervisor. Forgiveness is essential, but I admit to really struggling through this.

Yesterday our Lord sent me a clear and substantive reminder of his faithfulness, and I am doing my best to walk in it. This is a clear case of the world’s way being to sue the corp of wrongful loss of job, but we both know deep down this is not God’s way. And yesterday’s gift from our Lord helped drive that home to me. But it is still something I am having to walk in minute by minute.

I know the Lord is growing my friend up in some very difficult ways and molding her further into being the fine young woman she is. But such fires are painful and I pray for her not losing heart or growing bitter. It would be very easy to do.

Psalm 37: ,3  Fret not thyself because of evildoers, neither be thou envious against the workers of iniquity….Trust in the Lord and do good; so shalt thou dwell in the land, and verily though shalt be fed.

Psalm 34:17  The righteous cry, and the Lord heareth and delivereth them out of all their troubles.

We both have the choice of going forth in the way of the world, or trusting God. Lord Jesus, please help us continue to choose You.


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